Welcome to Granny Recording Studio

Since 1975 Granny Recording Studio has proved itself as being one of the best and most famous recording studios in Scandinavia.

The studio is located at a lovely location on the North coast of Sealand, 50 km from Copenhagen and only 50 meters from the beach. As always, Granny Recording Studio provides a familiar atmosphere.

Granny Studio has the best equipment in both the analogue and digital domain and is perfect for handling all sorts of sound production.

The core of the studio is a classic Solid State Logic E series mixer with a series G computer. A mixer with the most impressive sound, recognized as being one of best tools for music production.

If you prefer analogue, the Otari 2" 24 tracks tape recorder ensures a rich and warm sound.

Digitally, Granny Studio has state of the art Pro Tools HDX.

No matter what your preferences are, we will make sure that conditions are at their optimum when you are recording your music at Granny Studio.